What Freelance Projects is about...

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What Freelance Projects is about...

Post  Terra Drept on Sun Oct 28, 2012 11:19 pm

What Freelance Projects is about...
This Topic shall provide a plattform for every idea and private projects you are working on!
Here you can find ideas what others did so far.
You can join or find a group and work as a Team.
The basic of this forum is the exchange of knowledge: it would be nice if you could do a tutorial of this after all.

Some small rules:

    What shall the title say us?
  • Correct, what you want to do! Give it a good name and if you want some help.

    What shall the body say us?
  • Please write your detailed idea.
  • How are you planing it?
  • Did you draw an image of your idea and the steps for realisation?
  • What is the system you are planing for use? (example: VC2010, Phyton....)
  • What methods do you already have for this? (example: Useing my triangulationmethod i presented here: link)
  • Do you want help? Some more group members?
  • Tell us a date when you think it could be ready. (This is interesting and important: For others - Is this project still at work? For your own - Did i reached my goal in the expected time?)

Please update your original post when got some more progress.
Maybe you can add at the end of your post an update list when has what been implemented?

Its done?
Do you want to do it as a tutorial after all?

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